Feeding God's People...

...One Family At A Time

By Alex Nagy |  August 8, 2010

Mark your calendars for the 14th of August 2010, folks. Bridges of Hope Fellowship will be distributing food from Second Harvest Food Bank. We are praying to be able to feed as many people in Warren County as we possibly can.
This is just one of the many ministries at Bridges of Hope Fellowship, but probably one of the more important ones as there are so many people both physically and spiritually hungry. As we are lead by God to go forth and help those around us, we believe that starting out in our community and branching out from there is very important. This is just one of many ways to fulfill that mission while bringing God to those who need Him the most.
We are needing in and all volunteers to arrive at 8 a.m. at the warehouse behind the police department on Red Road in McMinnville. We need your helpBridges of Hope family!
For more information or details, please call the church office at 931-815-8870 or contact Kellye McCuller.