First Annual Members Meeting

By Alex Nagy |  November 16, 2009

Bridges of Hope Fellowship had its first annual members meeting on November 15, 2009 at around 6pm to discuss issues of  the constitution and by-laws, the Faith Financial Plan, and a member affirmation of our first two elders.

It began well enough with Natalie leading us in the first and last verse of Victory in Jesus; then at Pastor DeWayne's prompting we sung Amazing Grace. Two great songs to open up any business meeting if you ask me. Then of course we asked for God's blessing, that He might lead us in the direction that we need to go. After that the meeting progressed quickly, with Rachel Cheek and Cathy Clayton gathering and tallying the votes for each of the three ballot items. With a light heart and serious determination we made it through each of the ballot measures with ease. I am happy to announce that we had unanimous approval of every ballot measure that was proposed. Our newest elders, to be installed officially on  December 27, 2009, are David Cook and David Clayton. Two upstanding and outstanding men of God. David Cook is currently teaching a discipleship class, of which I'm a member, and mentoring myself as well. David Clayton is actually helping to home school not only his own youngest son, but Pastor D's son as well as in addition to everything else he has done not only for us but for God. You could not ask for two better men to be the elders of any church.
All questions were asked and discussed before the meeting just so that we could have such a quick moving meeting so we could get down to the real reason everyone was there, dessert fellowship!
It was truly amazing and humbling to see such unity among the Body of Christ. My only prayer is that we continue to be unified in mind and purpose and spirit to expand our boarders and reach more people then we ever have before.