God's Harvest Food Drive

Bridges of Hope and Volunteers Help Feed Those In Need

By Alex Nagy |  November 6, 2010

Today had all the makings of a monumental - no, epic - day. The volunteers arrive bright and early on a cold November morning and before we even have the gates open, people are showing up, hoping that we're ready (mind you, the truck hasn't even shown up at this point).
Come 9 am, the crowd is huge. People are everywhere, and most of the food is set up and ready to start giving away. By 11 am the crowd hasn't even started to thin despite the cold wind blowing. If anything, they have surged in size. It was a mass of faces of people looking for hope. Over 1200 people were served on this day. How many more are needing to see and feel His love?
Many people came and helped, but it wasn't enough to serve all of those who needed a warm heart and a helping hand. God moved in Warren County today among His people.
Pictures forthcoming. 
Praising God for a wonderful chance to help those who most need it and doing it in His name.