The Church That God Built

By Alex Nagy |  August 8, 2010

Bridges of Hope Fellowship: The Church That God Built

Pastor Howard preaching at the dedication service
1 August 2010. A day just like any other day. Or was it? On this day in McMinnville, TN Bridges of Hope Fellowship celebrated their dedication service in the church that God built. A congregation of around 60 people, with help from hundreds of volunteers and several groups of contractors, built a church that people said couldn't be built by such a small congregation. On the 1st of August, we celebrated with people from Georgia, as well as members of the local Seventh Day Adventist church (our partners in this Unity Project) including their pastor and a representative from the Cumberland-Georgia Conference of the SDA.

Getting ready for service on 1 August 2010What a sweet spirit was in the temple of God that day. With a nearly packed house we worshiped the LORD and sang loud His praises and we heard the word from Pastor DeWayne Howard. The service itself was longer than usual, as befitting the occasion we recognized those who helped us as we followed God's will in this project. From Trinity Design Group to the Builders for Christ to the contractors and those who volunteered from our own church.
That wasn't the focus of the service, but without the help of those committed to advancing the cause of Christ, we could not have done it. Without God's guiding hand in everything we've done, we could not have done it. Without the leadership of the Holy Spirit during this building project leading us in our ministries (Vacation Bible School, Backyard Bible Clubs), we could not have done it. As a work of faith, I have not seen anything like it before (though I pray to see it happen again and again). As an act of unity between two very different groups of Christians, there has never been anything like it. The 1st of August 2010 was the culmination of a deep-rooted faith and trust in the LORD.