Security Training for Short Term Mission Teams

By Heather Beard, TBC |  February 4, 2012

Security Training for Short Term Mission Teams
By Fort Sherman Academy &
The Tennessee Baptist Convention

Concord, FBC, Knoxville
March 29, 2012

8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. EST (lunch provided)
$25 registration Fee

Course Description:  Utilizing cutting-edge approaches to age-old problems, security experts will present 4-8 hours of lecture and demonstrations covering lots of new materials on the following:

  • BACKGROUND: Understanding the culture of Criminals, Terrorists and would-be Government Detainers so you can predict and prepare
  • STANDARDS: As a team - understanding a "Code of Conduct" for times of testing
  • PREPARATION: Travel preparation - with anti-crime and anti-terrorism in mind
  • AVOIDANCE: Behavioral strategies for avoiding crime and acts of terror
  • PROTECTING: Understand what information is private (or even harmful to our ministry, our team, nationals, or my own family) - what you should or should not talk about openly
  • SURVIVAL: If it happens.strategies for surviving and coping with acts of crime, captivity, brief detainment, etc. - minimizing harm - maximizing survival
  • FAITH: Issues of faith in captivity - scriptural principles that can become confused under duress and can stall teams and destroy witness
  • RETURNING: Solid practices for avoiding and surviving these situations and coming home physically and spiritually healthy, with peace and honor intact

FSA's A/A+ Introductory Level

Captive Saint Security for Faith-Based Travelers

Who:  This course is for faith-based Youth Groups, Adult Volunteers, and short or long-term Missionary travelers who are planning to serve outside their home country.

Why:  The World is a dangerous place - and apparently it is not going to get any better soon.  We have been called to "go." so risk is not an excuse to stay behind.  But we are also instructed to be "as wise as serpents" and to "study to show ourselves approved."  We are expected to 'Go' wisely...

What: A unique, faith-based seminar, designed to help new and experienced at-risk travelers cope with the hazards of overseas travel while minimizing their exposure to risk and maximizing their witness.

How: This course is all about how we can be wise, lower risk and still go as often and as far as we can in a safe and reasonable manner.

For more information contact:
Kim Margrave 615.371.2021

Registration deadline: March 19, 2012

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